Green Hair Algae New Tank Help!!


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Hey Guys.

55 gallon tank, 60lbs live rock, 60lbs live sand. New Tank, 4wks running. Canister filter cleaned once a week, protein skimmer, 4 powerheads. 12 snails, 12 blue leg hermits, 2 damsels. I have green algae growing on my walls, hair-like. 78 degrees, 216watt t-5 lighting.

How can I fix?? Will it just pass with time?


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i first used tap water with water conditioner. I haven't tested my parameters yet. Please tell me what to do!!?


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Get a phosphate reactor when you find out that your phosphates are too high. I also refilled my tank when I moved it with tap water and had very high phosphates.


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Algae blooms of all sorts are common in new tanks. Get your RO up and running, don't overfeed, and manually remove as much algae as you can by hand. I did my first fill with tap as well and had terrible hair algae for about a month and a half. I just did what I listed above and it eventually just stopped growing and died out. This is all just my experience. Your mileage may vary.


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Hold up. Your tank is new. Give it 60 days from when you started it before adding any more fish. Let the algae do it's thing for a while. It's taking up ammonia, nitrite and nitrate produced by the cycle and some phosphate from fish waste and uneaten food or die off.

Once you are running 0 ammonia and 0 nitrite with nitrate at 20 ppm or less for a week or two, then you can consider reducing phosphate if it's high. For now skimming and some manual export of the larger clumps of algae wouldn't hurt.