green hairy algae everywhere


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hello, i am having trouble controlling the green hairy algae that is growing in my tank. my water has been tested and everything are at the correct level. i just got rid of my cyno problem now this arise, having so much problem with this tank. never had this problem with my 90 in the past. my light are new so i cant figure out wat is the problem. i have more than enough critters. please help!


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When I was having the beginnings of a hair algae issue, I started to use a phospate sponge to remove it's food source. That did stop it from growing, but did not address what had already started.

For the existing hair algae, I pulled the big parts and added a foxface and lots of astrea snails. The problem is basically gone, only a couple minor spots left to deal with.


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If this tank is less then 1 year old, it is extremely common to go through these phases (cyano then green hair). Get things to eat it, phosphate remover, and hand harvest. A refugium can help out a lot as well. Be patient and it will eventually go away.