Green Montipora Problem


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Green montipora with a problem. Has been dipped twice. All water parameters in the normal range. No idea what's wrong. Help appreciated.


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Not really sure but we would need a lot more information to form any opinion.

How old is the tank, real water parameters, what lighting, any recent changes?


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Just to help, if you do see the monti nudi's, they are tough to treat. The thing that worked for me was a melanarus wrasse. Other people say the green or yellow wrasses also eat them. Never tried those myself.


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13 month old tank 90 gl with 4 t5 lights

pH 8.2
Nitrate 0
Nitrite 0
Ammonia 0
Calcium 480
Magnesium 1400
Alkalinity 10.4
Phosphate 0
Iron 0
Potassium 392
Iodine .09
Salinity 1.025
Temp 78.1


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Any other corals close to it? I have a patch on my green month that looks just like that where it got stung by another coral.


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I've never seen that.

Its brutal, they hide under the coral during the day and come out at night. I lost giant monti caps in just a few weeks with those pests. No meds worked at all!! It really does look like that picture...I will not be surprised if they are there.


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+++1 nudies, tough to beat. if you have other monties I would pull this one and try to qt it. And yes check at night. You must kill all the adults so that they cannot lay more eggs. dips don't seem to work on the eggs.

Good luck