Green Sinularia


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Description of lighting and pic would definitely help.

Based on my experience keeping Sinularia I would suspect high nitrate levels.


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agree with what lancer said above the bigger the colony grows it does fade some color

when i first got mine at like 3 inches or so it was the brightest thing in my tank now at almost a foot and a half not so much anymore


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The green sinu bleaches out under heat stress(I lost a large colon from chiller failure 2 years back). If the nutrient is overly rich, the color comes in a little faded. I have not seen mine fade because the colony got big. Mine also seem to get greener if I give it more light.

Hope you get it to bright up. One coral similar to yours is called palau nepthea. I have both the palau and green sinu, nepthea is head and shoulders more neon green. You would like the palau more but it is difficult to find.


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use koral kolor by brightwell aquatics and it probably has to much light and could be nitrate levels, at high the begin to get black plague and become faded


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this is a great question. i just aquired a large neon green nepthea colony, which was very green at the lfs, and moved it into my tank (400w halide w/ actinics. 60g cube) and have not seen the color come back yet, its been in the tank for about 3 weeks now. so i am giving it time to regain the color. i am noticing a hint of green returning on the branches, but i am still waiting to see.