Green Star Polyps.....Aggressive?


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I am researching about green star polyps and just wanted to know if they will cause trouble for my other soft or sps corals in the near future. what is the growth potential? just need some 411 on this coral as well...thanx a million~!
The main problem I have found with them is overgrowth...they grow quickly and are hard to control. If you put them on their own "island" in the sand, you limit their spread.
But will they harm any SPS or LPS corals? I assume the person is asking if the growth of the GSP is near other corals is there any danger?
My star polyps did some damage to my colt coral two days ago. Colt coral layed down on them and they burned him a good one.
They are known for their overgrowth potential, not for threats by nematocysts or allelopathic means.

If you keep them away from neighboring corals, you shouldn't have any problems. They extend their polyps from a mat of tissue that can easily be pulled away from the substrate in case they should get to close to a competitor.
Keckles they are far from easy to remove from rock. If yo uknow of any tricks I would be greatly appreciative.
I use a razor to remove a large portion of the mat, and then work the rest up with my hands. I think people make it difficult by trying to pull up the entire mat by a sliver of tissue along the outer edge of the colony. You can puncture it with a razor or other sharp object several times along the unwanted area to decrease the amount of surface area in attachment. A large spread of small attachments will pull up/break easier than one large mass of tissue. You can just scrape away the unwanted area with the razor and apply kalkwasser if necessary. You can also frag away the rock and polyps in the unwanted area, then trade it in to your LFS or make some money. There are plenty of ways to do it. It may not all come up at once, but it is certainly possible to remove it. Easy may have been the wrong word to use, it does require effort. If that is a problem, this hobby will become one soon as well. It is not the plague that many make it out to be, they would just rather post about how difficult it is than experiment. Its kind of like looking at your lawn and waiting for it to mow itself. You have to get out there and get a little dirty. I think that's the fun part. Others may disagree with me, but that is why they pay nerds like me to do it for them. :)
yes they can do damage if your not careful, they seem to be capable of stinging other corals, buddy of mine had a rock full fall on a sponge, galaxia, and blasto frag. yeah there all dead.

there beautiful i think, just plan out location and area of other corals. problem is they seem to grow over everything, sand also its just a little slower.
Mine grew all along the back glass of the tank. They were within an inch or 2 of several mushrooms but noting else. Never had a problem with them.