Group of 6-7 Royal Grammas


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I was going to try to do this last year but the LFS refused to ship me 5 of them. The guy on the phone was quite shocked at my suggestion saying they'd fight to the death etc. Anyhow, I know they might fight and I might lose a couple but having 5 living together in pace would be very cool indeed. I'm sure I've seen some people attempt it with success in the past. Any input?
I have seen them in stores packed together but haven't personally kept them together. In the wild they hang out together tho but as long as its a big tank i think they would stand a good chance. So keeping them in that 340 then go for it i say.
I heard of a few people trying 3 of them with good success.. I think if you get them small or get them if there already in the same tank together it can work.. They form harems in the wild and 340g is a pretty good size tank for this to work.
I have had luck doing this. You have to add them all at once, and the more you add the more likely it would work. I would get a dozen or so. Check out cheap and healthy royal grammas
Well if it can't be done please don't tell the two pictured here or the other four in the tank for a total of six. Try to purchase mainly small specimens and one large.

I'm in Japan so I'll get them locally. :)

Going to try a school of Bangai's first. Have 5 of them on hold at an LFS along with a CBB which is actually eating frozen brine.
I have tried bangais and I had dismal results. Mine started out fine, but as time went on paired off and started to kill each other. I started with 12 and ended up with two. I don't think the bangai's work as well together as the royals do.
This is sorta off topic but related-- Has anyone who has kept groups seen them build nests? I have a single one in my tank that I've seen hauling pieces of Caulerpa and Halimeda back to its cave and arrange them outside the entrance. Pretty funny...I'll try to get some photos.
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I'm in Japan so I'll get them locally. :)

Going to try a school of Bangai's first. Have 5 of them on hold at an LFS along with a CBB which is actually eating frozen brine.

Being in Kyushu, Japan, you should get Banggai for very little money. Several years ago, transhippers in your area (southern Japan) decided that the island of Banggai was too far away. They dumped a bunch of Cardinals in your local waters where there are less predators and today are considered over-populated.

As mentioned Banggai do not play well together and even though your tank is quite large, I would only recommend a pair. If you add a longspine urchin (I'd add a few) you'll see the offspring of a mated pair growing out in the protection of the spines.
I say go for it, order them from one of the online sites. LOL I have had it with LFS advice, they advised me from pairing up maroon clowns! Over the years I have had a 100% sucess rate with pairing maroons!
Any more input on the Banggais? The 5 in the small tank at the LFS seem extraordinarily peaceful.
A LFS that advises against pairing clowns? Well I don't know the particulars, but in most common settings it's one of the easiest things to accomplish. I'd find another LFS.

As to the grouping of Banggai there are several factors to compare:

1. Young Banggai group for protection (as do all small schooling species).
2. Fish in a store tank usually do not have hiding areas to claim as a territory, have just shipped and are over crowded in their confinement.
3. Male Banggai (when mature) become very territorial and have been known to kill even their mate when the confines are too small (4' tank or smaller).
Thanks for the info. I'll just get a pair then and hope I get a Male and Female.