growth patterns


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how often do you guys get a new little shelf in your clams?<img src="" alt="DSC_0055" />

<img src="" alt="DSC_0057" />

ive had it for two months, had 2 new ones so far.

they seem a lot wider than the rest of the base shell, is that normal?
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that's some pretty good growth for 2 months, your params. must be dead on :)

the crocea will lose his scutes in the wild, they are also known as the boring clam. as they bore into the rock the scutes break off, when a wild caught crocea is introduced to a tank they can start to grow new scutes that will remain.



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right on thanks for the info.

if it is indeed fast growth im guessing the main factors that are helping growth are stable alk 8-9 , ca 400 (trying to bring it up now) under 5 t5's, and feeding phyto.