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im having some problems with my 90 , seems to be cyano

2 weeks ago i added a phosban reactor and started running chemipure complete and carbon , ive also been performing 15 gal water changes a week removing as much as i can, also been dosing bacteria every 24 hrs leaving skimmer off for 4 hrs after dosing, so far i see no changes all soft corals had to be moved cause they wouldnt open and were becomming coated

ive been dosing microbacter7 for the last week
15 ml every day skimmer off for 4 hrs after dosing
had lights off for 24 hrs and checked parims
no3 0ppm
amm not detectable
ph 8.1
no2 not detectable
mag 1350
cal 460
alk 9dkh
i dont have a phos test
my ro/di is reading 0 tds
and changed my bulbs from iwasaki 175w 15k's to xm 20k's that i had laying around ive also noticed a few of my corals looking bleached before i changed the bulbs ,sps pink birdsnest, and spongodes along with 2 of my lps acan lord and branching hammer


Hmmmm.....seems you have most of the bases covered already. You might try gfo instead of the chemipure and add more flow if possible.


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Stop dosing microbacter7. Leave skimmer on. How often / much are you feeding? I only feed 2x a week.


1. Feed fish sparingly.
2. Turkey baster everything. Get as much cyno out as you can.
3 .Do a 15gal water change.
4. Turn lights off for 3 or 4 days. Leave light on in sump/fuge 24 / 7. Corals will be fine.
5. Increase flow if possible.


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i only feed every 3 days silversides to LPS and mix if mysys and cyclopse to fish in small amounts , this tank has no sump , the tanks has been running for 2 years with no cyano before so flow should not be a issue. just ran out of microbacter7 , weekly water changes are being performed,