GS2 skimmer


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Not much to say yet except the shipping was fast and it arrived in one piece. I did not have time to unwrap it before I left for work.

The pump with PPW impeller is in the hands of UPS. I should be able to run vinegar and water through it by Wednesday. I will take pictures as I test it out.

Still waiting for the new tank to fill with RO water. Kinda like watching paint dry. I work for Jeep in the paint shop so I have first hand experience in the comparison. :sleep:


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I unpacked it today and the build quality is ok. It is not as heavy duty as the octo or msx lines but it is good. It actually looks like a prototype but I will hold judgment until I see it perform.

I did dry fit it in my sump so that part is going to work well.

I still need about 120 gallons of RO water before I can start the tank. :(


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My pump came today so I will give the skimmer a vinegar bath tomorrow. I took a few pictures today and I will try to post them tomorrow.

At first I was less than enthusiastic about the design and build. The more I study it the more I like it. For example, all fittings are sch 40 that can be found in any hardware store. The base of the skimmer is made from sch 40 pipe. The fitting that the cup sits into looks to be cut down from a 4" coupling.

I will have a better impression after I run it in saltwater for a few days.

The PSK-2500 pump I ordered came with a mesh impeller and I also ordered the large purple pin wheel.

On a side note, I only need about 30 more gallons of water to get my new tank filled.


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Ok, finally pictures.

I got it running in vinegar water right now. So far it looks good but hard to tell without saltwater. There is not a lot of turbulence (actually I could not see any) and the chamber was milk white.

On a salt bucket for size reference.


Outside measurement of cup


Neck measurement


Welded seam


Sch 40 base


Just starting up and filling the chamber


Frothy picture - sorry about the cheap beer can, only thing I had for reference. I don't drink so it is a left over from something. :lol:


Made in the USA. This actually helped make my skimmer choice.



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As you can see it is built with a lot hardware store items so modifications (if needed) will be simple and cheap.

In the above pictures it is running with one PSK-2500 pump. I am not sure I will need the second one with my size tank.


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good thing that beer can isn't Natty light :).

That is a left over that has to be a year old. It may still be in the refrigerator this time next year. :eek1:


gotta love saltwater.....
looks nice chuck ,,cant beat that price either,,keep the pics coming on that skimmer in action when your pumping saltwater through it
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More Pictures. This is running saltwater.

Nice column of bubbles. Should get better as it breaks in and water level is tuned.

It pulled a little brown foam from some place. I assume it is oil from the plastic even though it has a 24 hour vinegar bath and well rinsed.


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Can you take a Pic of the Bubbleplate area to see how thats working?

When I get it in a sump I will do that. Right now the best representation is the picture with the tape measure showing the foot print.