GSM's got their mojo back!


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Came home from my Thanksgiving hunting trip to find that my pair of GSM's I acquired from RC User: RevHTree finally got back into the swing of things. Purchased these guys back in the summer as a breeding pair and FINALLY they laid some eggs for me. Not sure of the exact day they were laid, my fish sitter (overwhelmed by multiple setups) didn't notice. In any case, I will keep my eyes on 'em to determine the timeframe between layings and hatching. In guessing it is similar to other species 10-12 days. If I get another clutch then it looks like I'll be talking to Reeds for some rotifers and Oto, and possibly putting together another log, to track progress and such.

Now I'll have something to do this winter!

Take Care

:) --Kurt


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Sweet Kurt! Glad to see they finally decided to get it on again! LOL! Before they were shipped to you they had recently went through 3 tank moves so maybe that's why they took so long.


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I'm pretty pumped up about it. Cross your collective fingers that they repeat the laying process in another week or so. Then we'll ramp up production and start a thread on it.

Thanks again RevHtree!

I'll get a picture of the eggs tonight to post.



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For some odd reason my GSMs lay to hatch is 7-8 days and they lay again 7 days later. Basically every other sunday/monday night I have a hatch. The fry show alot of vigor and swim very well. Soon I'll find some rotifers and phyto that I can afford and go to raising them.