GSP is takign over - can't stop it - help


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About 18mths ago I super glued a small mat of Green Star Polyps (GSP) to the back wall of my mixed reef 50 cube.

It took over the back wall and is now this very beautiful large waving green mat. Issue is it's also spread to my rocks. At first I did not think much about it, but now it's taking over everything. The biggest problem is it takes over and kills other corals.

I've tried brushing, scraping and aiptasia-X yet this is like some form of carpet monster that just keeps coming back. I've now lost two pieces of Acropora with others threatened.

Any suggestions on how to beat it back down? How to scrap it off or ways to stop the growth - At this point I'm seriously thinking of breaking down the tank.


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Sorry bro, only method that works for me is removing the rock and taking a torch and killing it with heat.

Be careful not to breath the fumes in case there's some toxic coral like zoanthids you inadvertently burn ..

If you like it on the back glass, you just have to use a razor blade and keep it trimmed back away from your rocks.

You can also trade your rocks for clean ones at your local fish store.

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It's obviously very happy in your tank.

I personally don't like killing anything alive, unless it is a pest.

See if you can swap it out for others. It may be an opportunity to rescape your tank.

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