GSP Question


Not afriad to admit wrong
Team RC
How does this GSP look to you?

<iframe width="853" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I am checking to make sure it is ok.

I have it in a 120g with 8.1 0/0 and sal at .025 at 78 deg.

It si about 12" from the surface with a ecoxotic panarama pro 24" light above it and at 100% white from 10a - 9p. It was 1/2 brown and green then I started to feed it LIVE phyto and it is now mostly green...

Everyone else says that it grows everywhere... The rock it is on is the same one from 1 month ago... and it has not grown to the other rock I have it placed on.

Just checking to see what you think.. I want it on this new rock also and place it in the sane about 21" below the surface.

YES it does like the flow... it is out daily and over the past week I have seen it start to come out at night. like 1/2 one night then the other 1/2 the other night... strange... I have the blues on at night.. I wonder if those are too bright.

Ohh yes... the GSP likes Corona at night. I took this just after they had a large party and invited the Peppermints over.