guaging interest in a few things, updated


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Gauging interest in a few things
We have several tanks and extra equipment we are considering moving on. I am hoping to recoup some of the money from upgrading the lighting on our 55 swim through reef (So my wife will let me sleep in the same room with her). Trades also possible, (Couch is comfortable), feel free to run anything by me (Us).

29 Gal. oak tank, stand and canopy (some scratches on the glass)

Amiracle wet/dry 18" x 8" x 14" with Bioballs, NO return pump

37 Gal. High "River Tank" set up for Dendrobates, currently housing Red Eft's

50 Gal. Breeder with screen top, used for Bearded Dragons

20 Gal. High with Tetratec PF300 power filter (Little noisy)

JBJ 24" 2 x 65w PC Light (No cooling fans), bulbs need changed, but work fine

Current, Dual Satellite 30" 2 x 65w w 1 LED, (2 Fans) bulbs little over 3 months on them

Trio of Eyelash Crested Gecko's, 1 m, 2 f's and EXO-Terra P2605 Terrarium show tank

several 10 Gal.

We also have a pair of California Kingsnakes, male Arizona MTN King, and Cornsnakes hatching in a cpl weeks.

I can try to add pics if anyone is interested, or PM me with any questions.

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We have sold the Dual Satellite PC light, and the 29 gallon tank, stand, canopy.
I also need to move on some small hermit crabs that are eating my Nass. snails, several blue leg (dime size) and a cpl of red leg (smaller than a quarter). Willing to trade/give away soon.

The rest of the list is still open,
I cannot figure out how to post pics here (Duh!), but I can email them directly from my yahoo site if anyone wants them.

Cornsnakes should hatch this week...

BTW I picked up some LR from 2000vert a cpl of weeks ago, covered in green star polyps, it is sure looking good, he has some nice stuff.

Off to the Rockies game,