Guaging interest in taking a full setup off my hands


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Hey guys. Its been awhile.

Unfortunately life has taken me in other directions and i now find the need to get rid of my entire system.

It does not have any fish and has been running with just flow and live rock with no lights for months now.

I don't need to make any money off it and I would even be willing to donate it if anyone would be interesting in breaking it down and taking it away. here are the specifics

65 gallon tank 36 x 18 x 24 with accompanying stand and hood.

Large black box LED light with a t5 fixture as well in the hood

Fully functioning sump with all the plumbing required

ATO system, power heads, and an old style reef controller.

Included would be all the surge protectors and additional accoutrements that go along with it.

Some Issues:
1 door to the stand has broken off its hinge and will need to be repaired.
There is a considerable amount of salt creep and dried cheto in the sump as it had been disconnected from the main system and has since dried out.
The wavemaker pumps are nothing to write home about and I am not sure if the lighting is still powerful enough to be any good

The kicker is the location is on the second floor and it would require 2 -3 people taking everything down one flight of stairs.

As for health considerations, the current occupant is currently on lock-down with an elderly person due to covid restrictions and is only goes to the location every Sunday.

I no longer have time nor funds to maintain the aquarium and I need it out of the location because we are looking to remodel the place for renting.

If anyone is interested I can take pics and more detailed descriptions of all the parts for your approval and I can be at the location most evenings after 6 PM and anytime on the weekends.

Let me know if your interested.


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Hi I'm interested in the live rock if you're willing to part out. Could you let me know more or less how many pounds and what kind of rock? Thanks!