Guess the hitchhiker's--Please


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A while back i bought liverock that was loaded with 2 types of xenia, anthelia, zoos, button polyps and several unidentified corals.. I'm not exactly sure what I have and would like someone's expertise on what I have...

Corals #1--the red polyps retract and reveal a smooth brn colored coral, but dissimiliar to other bumpy coral near it.

Coral #2--I broke a small piece of this brownish coral and it oozed slime, so it may still be alive..Just ugly...

Coral #3--A few weeks ago this was very red, but after I added reflectors to my PC this bleached. I though it might be a mushroom but the surface is hard and not soft.

Coral #4--Not really coral, but looks like yellow polyps, sometimes yellowish looking sometimes darker. Just want to make sure its not aiptasia or manjo.

#1: montipora sp. digitada maybe... hard to tell without any growth form.

#2: montipora sp. some sort of cap maybe? could be encrusting, but it looks like a cap that is encrusted to a rock. Definitely alive.

#4: definitely yellow polyps.
#1 looks like a montipora digitada almost #3 Looks like it could be a monti cap #4 is definetly a yellow stone (colony) polyp
The last was yellow polyps, a relative of aiptasia, and therefore as likely to be attacked by peppermint shrimp, but otherwise harmless, except for the speed at which it reproduces
. I've never seen buttons as small as those in the earlier photos.
I've tried covering #3 with a fiberglass screening that doesnt touch it, is it pretty much gone after bleaching? Or are there some recoveries after bleaching? Also so everyone agrees probably:

Coral #1: montipora sp. digitada

Coral #2 montipora ??

Coral #3 montipora cap

Coral #4 Yellow polyps
Kroe i'm looking also looking closely at #1 and theres a bump started on it. The bump looks identical to a bump started on the base of my purple monitpora digitada frag..So we'll have to wait and see..