Guppies? not my best idea...


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In an effort to save money in "these tough economic times" i'm going through the process of trying brackish fish in my reef which is fish-less.

Guppies, ya... they all died. they seemed to acclimate well, and dont ask me my params because they're fine.

i do have ALOT of flow moving in that tank so im thinking the gupgups died from the stress of acclimation coupled with the intense flow.

long story short, i need some suggestion BASED ON EXPERIENCE with reef safe brackish fish, even ones that are commonly soled as feshwater fish.

monos, mollies, scats... and experience advice will help.


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I dont know about the reef safe apect of any of theses fish but i have mollies, scat and columbian"sharks".. they have all been in full marine for several years


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Why go through the trouble of having a reef and saltwater if you're just going to add dull brown freshwater fish? How about some inexpensive gobies, basslets, clowns, damsels, chromis, cardinals, etc.? Check your local club forum regularly, hobbiest here sell cheaply and give away fish and other stuff away constantly. Stocking can be inexpensive if you are patient. In August, I scored a Hippo Tang and a Yellow Tang for $28. Last week a local reefer gave me 24 peppermints and a pistol shrimp. He has given me shrimp, snails, crabs, and urchins before. Someone in the group sold a good sized powder blue tang for $20 last week. You might also check and see what is legal to collect off the coast.


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thanks for the advice, but im really not interested in chromis, clowns, or damsels.

the main reason why im doing this is because id like to try something a little different.

i tried some mollies today and we'll see how they turn out.

i dont want to have the same fish as everyone else, it just gets boring that way. thank you for the advice though