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Please please...thanks lol. Ok, here is what i am wondering. I have 4 - 1" drains on the back of my tank...drilled near the top to be non-obtrusive in the tank. My question is this. I want to plumb it into two sets of drains with each set going into a 1.5" pvc. I would then like to connect the two sets of 1.5" pvc into one single 1.5" drain going into my sump. My return pump will be a mag12 or a gen x 30. Roughly looking to need to drain about 750-850 gph through this. Do you think one 1.5" outlet would handle it? I currently have it going as two of the 1" outlets into one 1.5" drain having two of the 1.5 drains but would like the nice clean look of only one drain. Let me know what you guys think and if this all made sense.


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Your piping should be able to handle that no problem. The big concern would be only one drain. If somehow you got a clog you'd be stepping in water.



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Yes, the sump is a 55 with a large portion going to a fuge. Thinking about going with minimum sand in the tank and a DSB in the fuge area with some chaeto.

I know the 4 - 1" drains are plenty for the intake...just worried that tieing them all into one 1.5" drain would not have been enough. I plan on hooking a maxi jet to my chiller which will return the water into the fuge. I have fuge on one side of 55, drain from tank on the other, skimmer in the middle with return by fuge drain. That make sense :confused: :D .

Suggestions and criticisms welcome.


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And the tank is a 180?

I would go with the 55 as the sump and build in another tank as the fug. I think the set up world work a little better, A 55 gallon sump/fug seems just a tad on the small side IMO. My 150 is using a 55 gallon sump and a 20 gal fug. I was going to have the sump contain all my equipment and the fug, but it ended up waaay to small. Check out my gallery and you will see how I ended up and so far it was the right decision.

I have two 1 inch drains coming from the over flow. So I just hand one drain into the sump and the other into the fug. Elevated the fug and have it gravity drain into my sump. Again so far so good


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Well that is what i would have preferred.....buttttt, i am trying to get everything under the stand. I wanted to make a fuge out of a 20 long, but it and the 55 will not fit under my stand. I got the 55 cheap during a petco sale and thought it should work fine. I could possibly fit a 20 tall or a 10 gallon tank under the stand with the 55 and do as you recommended. Thoughts???