H Crispa Assistance Needed

Reef Moss

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For experienced H Crispa owners:

I have had my H Crispa Anemone for about a year and it has been doing great growing like crazy. We moved about a week ago (15 MINUTES AWAY) he didn't look great the first 2 days but has since been basically almost normal. The only issue I see is I use to feed him a half a shrimp every other day, since moving he has only ate once. He takes the shrimp in and spits it out an hour later. He is about 2 inches closer to the light. All tentacles appear to be well inflated and his over all size is about 80 - 90% what it was prior to the move.

Any insight or advise is greatly appreciated, Thank you!



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I would wait a good while before feeding, probably like a month. They don't need to be fed that often anyway if light is enough.

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