H. malu surgery and next target.

Corpus Callosum

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continuation of my previous thread.. both halfs of the sun anemone / carnation anemone / H. malu .. recovering you can see the mouths closing in to form a circle again.. the bigger piece has formed 3 new mouths already so it may split once recovered..



and the next target.. 8" and the new home of the saddlebacks while their favorite heals :)



this thread is dedicate to an astronaut known as chris and a madman named calfo..
LOL Love the sig line! That carpet is alot prettier than the ugly pale green one i got but for experimentation purposes its just fine :)
mine is actually an electric green it was a huge 8", healthy as crap and eating, only 50 bucks. picture doesnt do it justice.. but the shop had some cheap 20 buck carpets for experimentatoin hmm... :)
Heres mine healing nicely. Mouths are almost formed again si id say another week and these should be all set and eating again.
Mie was so misreable in the store under regular flourescent lighting that it was smaller than either half is now. Where did you get yours? Fishtown?
Alot faster than i thought it would. Im pretty psyched. When the mouth reforms and i see it eat ill know sucess has been had :)
Just cut it in half. I do mine right in the center of the mouth outwards and then go back to where i started my cut in the mouth and go the other direction.
Kevin if this heals fast enough both halves will be for sale at the next meeting. Ill let you know.
chris are you talking the green carpets or the sun...actually it doesnt matter....depending on $$ im interested in both!
Im speaking for my green carpets. What Mike does with his is his choice :) Actually i think i sorta hijacked his thread a little but its all related, the propogation of anemones.