H. reidi wanted - sources?


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My husband, knowing I've been wanting them for a while, planned on getting me H. reidi for our Anniversary (well, letting me pick them out). But I just got a message from DanU and Seahorse Source is out. Does anyone know of any other reliable sources for H. reidi? Blue Zoo has them, but they're tiny, 1.5-2 inches. Saltwaterfish apparently has one, as if you try to add more than one to your cart it tells you they're out of stock. Everyplace else reliable that I know of, out.

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on places I haven't tried, or is maybe hiding a pair they aren't sure they want to keep. :)


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Try getting in touch with Southwatch Seahorse. Their website tends to be out of date and usually shows everything out of stock, but if you call and talk to them they may have some Reidi's in stock.


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I just looked and seahorsource said they are in stock? If you can wait, Dan and his wife are excellent to work with.


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sunpet has them. they service a lot of pet stores on the east coast. they are labeled as brazillian seahorses. we got a nice big orange one from them last week


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Accordsirh22, I should have stipulated.. I don't want wild caught seahorses.. Too much of a hassle, to much work. If it's a large orange one, it's probably wild caught... But if you have confirmation it's cb, please let me know and I'll see if there is anyone I can reach out to on the east coast that might be able to ship.

Asid61, thanks for the suggestion. Dan (and his lovely wife Abby) is seahorse source. I've already contacted him and they are out of reidi.


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looks like Dan has them available again???

I believe the website is (still) out of date. It says the same items in stock that it said when I asked him in October, and he gave the indication he was going to be out for a while. He was also out of kuda at the time and they are listed in limited quantities still.

The good news is a good friend bent over backwards and found me some lovely reidi in LA. After some difficulties and a trip across the country, I got them earlier this week.

I'm still looking for different sources though, these look to both be female. They're small enough it's possible one is still a male, but I'm not sure.