H&S a200 x2 1260 skimmer


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I plan to use this skimmer in my new 600lit LPS reef.
If i can to use only one pump ?
Or i need to turn on 2 pumps?


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If you don't need both pumps but a smaller cheaper skimmer. The skimmer was designed to have both pumps running without both you might get inconsistent skimmate.


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this just depends on if its a insump or recirculating skimmer.

if in sump, no.
if external/recirc then you can only run 1 with no problems. (just cuts the rating or efficiency of the skimmer.

hope that helps. (fins reef sells H&S in the US. you can confirm what i said with him)
also, this goes for most external skimmers. (with multiple pumps)