Haddoni - Too much light possible?


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I've had my Haddoni for about 3 weeks....got him from LFS where he was for about 2-3 weeks under VHO.

Since I've had him, I find that he's fully enlarged overnight and when my VHOs are on, but deflates to about 1/4 his size during most of the day with the MHs on, and seems to try to scrunge under the rock formation.

I have 3 400 XM bulbs...1 10K, 2 20K, with him mostly under the 10K. 30" high tank. 240 G display with about 360 G total volume.

Could it be that he just hasn't adapted yet and will over time or should I consider trying to give him additional shade where he is? I assume that if he was unhappy he would have moved or wouldn't get to full size at night or when the VHOs are on.

Anyone else experience anything similar. He's eating great, perfect mouth, etc. so I assume he is healthy.



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I don't think too much light is possible, however, it is possible to
have too much light too soon.

Should either, shorten your photo period, raise the lights, or
put window screening b/t the lights and the tank, need to give it time to adjust to the brighter lights.


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I have already raised the lights for the last 3 weeks.....still, I guess it might be too much and I'll add a screen also.


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There is such a thing as too much light too quickly. If the anemone wasn't under a similar setup, it will definitely benefit you and the anemone if you acclimate it carefully.


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my haddoni that I have had for a week and half now does the same thing. it expands more at night and shrinks back during the day. it does eat really well though and is super sticky. I think it was under 250watt SE MH at the store, and I have 250w DE 10K bulbs on my setup and it is noticeably brighter.
I originally tried a small blue haddoni but lost it after a week. somehow it had torn its pedal disk after being in the tank for a couple days, I think I had way too much water flow for it and it ripped while trying to move. I was bummed, it was a really nice looking color. Now, I slowed the current down for my new one (flourescent green) and didn't put it directly under the MH bulb and it seems to be doing a lot better.
But I digress...

Good luck!