Haddoni with problem and treatment ciprofloxacino


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The anemone in the tank had two weeks inflating and deflating and finally I decided to treat it in a quarantine tank, this has skimmer, dissolved oxygen meter and ph


The first day I treated with antibiotic cloferincol 50mg / l, the second day I was able to take ciprofloxacin 500mg I have applied / 10 gallons, 250 mg in the morning and 250 mg at night


My main problem is the mouth of the anemone is fine but you start to necrotizar the outside of the anemone, I first cut the area with scissors and I Section out last night for half the anemone to prevent necrosis of all of it, and I unsuccessfully tried several anemones and always I have the same problem, shut up, the foot of the anemone is fine but starts to die for the outer and I can not stop it.

Last night I mutilate the anemone in two parties to try to recrosis perimeter of an area but this morning necrosis appeared in the party had not even the anemone still alive.

On the other hand I have been measuring in the aquarium caurentena dissolved oxygen with and without skimmer and two hours under 14 mg / 9 mg / l in two hours to stop the skimmer. The ph almost no change, greetings.


Tissue loss in the outer perimeter of the anemone

lost tissue


Anemona sectioned


Greetings and thank you very much for your contributions


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That anemone was too far gone before you attempt treatment. Haddoni will not survive cutting up even if survive infection (I know you are cutting to remove infection).
When loss of tissue start, they are too far gone. Sorry. It looks like it was a beautiful anemone.


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Thanks, I already tried to recover several because some friend has also left me some to try to recover, but as it has lost a bit of fabric I have not been able to get it back, so this time I've tried to cut it in half and remove the necrotic area, good area is alive but do not think for long.


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wow, what in the heck.... Starting treatment so late, and bouncing from one antibiotic to the other was not a good move.... sorry for the loss, but consistency next time, and start as quickly as you see issues.