Hadonni community tank okay?

Could one safely put 3 or so hadonni carpets in the same tank? Will they harm one another if touching? What about mixing gigantea and hadonni?
My plan is to get 2 to 3 small haddoni and put them in a 30"x 30"x 16" tank specifically for them along with a community of tank raised clowns from the same clutch.
A deep sand bed but with very little, if any, live rock in the display. Most, if not all, live rock will be in the sump. I'm thinking just the anemones and live sand would look pretty cool.
I'll hang a 400 watt MH pendant over the top.
I'll push for at least 15 times turnover through a random current device, maybe an OM squirt or even a cheap SCWD.
Ideally, I'll find a nice blue, a nice bright red, and maybe a nice flourescent green for this tank.
I realize that eventually I'll have to move one or more as/if they grow too big for this tank.
Thanks for the advice.


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That sounds interesting. I am not sure how the haddoni will interact but make sure that you dont throw the clowns in with them right away. Tank raised clowns down produce enough initial slime coat to avoid the potent nematocysts of carpets. They have never been in contact with an anemone so why would they build up such a defense? Take the group of clowns and keep them with a less potent 'stinger' like a bulb-tip for a while until their coat is mature.

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I am unaware of any research that suggests immunity to the sting of one anemone is effective against other species. The only research I have seen all suggest that immunity to nematocysts of certain species of anemone is genetic in some clowns and is acquired in others and those who are immune to certain anemone species must still acquire an immunity to other species.

Also, chooosing a clown species may not be simple. The clowns who host haddoni are typically on the more aggressive side while those who are less aggressive (percula/ocellaris) are known snacks to carpets.


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I didnt have any problems putting Tank raised clowns in a tank with 5 haddoni.

a few of them were in the carpets right away the others soon followed suit.

granted these were clarks and about 2 inches long but no ill effects i noticed.


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I lost three tank raised A. percula to a hadonni that I have. After that episode I moved the two clowns I had left into another tank. I then purchased some tank-raised A. tricinctus clowns and kept them in a net breeder (I know I'm a cheap-***) with a bulb anemone for a week and this seemed to work. I later did the same with the A. percula.
Thanks guys. I understand about the clowns potential problems, but what about several hadonni's inhabiting the same space?
Will they cause problems with each other?
<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=8123227#post8123227 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by sonofgaladriel
Thanks guys. I understand about the clowns potential problems, but what about several hadonni's inhabiting the same space?
Will they cause problems with each other?
Meaning will they sting each other?
Will they compete with each other for food space and light?
You might even get lucky and aquire a male and female specimen and have them spawn. (Be prepared for a big water change!)
I wouldn't mix gigantea with haddoni simply because keeping a gigantea alive for long is enough of a challenge. Why make it even more difficult?

It's untrue that tank raised clownfish are more prone to refuse an anemone than WC specimens. Additionally, Clownfishes pre-acclimated to a BTA will not acclimate to Haddon's anemone any faster than Clowns that haven't been living in a BTA.


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Thanks Gary. That was what I had thought on both counts. Nice to hear from a more experienced anemone keeper.


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keefsama2003 - got a picture of your tank? i'd like to see a tank of carpets...

i have currently a red haddoni with a purplish gigantea in the same tank. although they don't touch each other..they seem to get along. been together for a few months now. the haddoni dwarfs the gigantea (at this time) in size.
I understand about the competition for food and light, but I will ensure that each anemone is well fed by me and I would think a 400 MH in a good reflector over this tank would provide complete coverage and all anemones would be able to obtain appropriate amounts of light.
So, if they are not prone to 'sting' one another, then this community tank is possible and would not cause harm to the inhabitants?
Thanks again everyone for the input. I try to always make an educated and informed decision before putting any livestock at risk.
Most likely, it will be sometime before I find all three colors of hadonni so this set up will move slowly.
I'll post some pics once I get the tank up and running.


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My female Clarkii literally dove right into my Bluecarpet and she is tank raised. On that note though, she did get out of it once she was done stressing out and started to acclimate. I think she just dove in the carpet for some protection and got stung a little and had to acclimate.
Well, it looks like the tank will be cut back to 24" x 24" x16". I'm using scrap materials and this is the biggest I can get out of the 3/4" available. This will be an open top with no top bracing so I had to upgrade to 3/4" to avoid excessive deflection.
I'll most likely cut back to one specimen now and let it grow into the tank. Hmmm, red or blue?


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FWIW: I think a 400 watt pendent would be a little overkill for a haddoni. In a 16" tall tank, a 250 watt will be enough. In the 24x24x16 you could probably get away with a 150watt, but why limit yourself.
Yep, now that the tank is going to be 24" I'll step down to a 250 watt pendant. I've got a bunch of slightly used DE bulbs laying around and might as well use them. I'll look for a DE pendant, hopefully one with little T5s as well.
Would I be crazy to try a large long term sebae (Atlantis supposedly has one) or try to find a nice ritteri? I really want a tank full of percs or ocellaris and it appears that sebae and ritteri are better choices for them, but harder to keep than hadonni?
Decisions, decisions, decisions....


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you should post your location in your profile. If you're in the SF Bay area check out the BAR forum in the club section for pendants available.


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I was at Atlantis Saturday and this was the only Sebae I saw:

I think most percs take readily to BTAs. Check my little red house tomorrow. I'll post new pictures at the end of the thread soon.

By the way, most healthy Sebae's are brown with purple tips. I've seen pictures of purple Sebae's but never in person.


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Here's one of the pictures I just posted:

I think the green constrasts nicely with the Perculas. Just thought I'd give you a few options you might not have considered.
Mobert- That is a beautiful BTA! I've never seen one that intense green before.
I've had rose BTA's for the past 5 years now, still have about 6 or so in my 240. I started with one and have probably had over 40 over that time now thanks to their splitting. So, I was wanting to try something different and bigger.
I called Atlantis and they no longer had the large sebae.
It will be a few weeks before the new tank is ready for any anemone (I'll be transferring all the needed water from the 240, along with alot of rock and sand from the established tank as well) But in the meantime, I still want to obtain all the info and experiences/suggestions I can before I purchase.


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3/4" glass? Wow that thing is going to weigh a ton!!

FWIW - I have my green gigantea in a 24x24x12 tank, the walls are 1/4" glass and the overflow is 1/8" glass (I'm a little leery about the overflow being so thin walled, it wouldn't take much of a "hit", but at least the outside walls of the tank are OK).

The dimensions you mentioned though should make for a nice carpet tank.