hair algae.. grrr


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I have some hair algae not too bad but annoying nonetheless. Mostly appears on my back wall, and several pieces of rock, gravel and a film appears on my glass even 1 day after i clean it. I am using RO water which my TDS meter reads at 2ppm and I have a DI filter showing up to add to my unit hoping it will bring it down to 0ppm. I am now running Rowaphos in a phosban 150 reactor (twice the recommended about 4-5 inches worth. it looks nice and fluidized. This is my second batch of rowaphos. 1st batch ran for 3 weeks with no effect, this 2nd batch has been running for a week and the algae is growing as strong as ever. Not sure what to do. All water params are spot on, my total water volume is about 70 gallons max.



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Your tank looks beautiful, i love the coraline growth on those rocks.

Looks like your doing everything right, have you tried increasing your flow? Blowing off detritus off the rocks with a turkey baster? How is your clean up crew looking? How old are your lights?


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lovely set up looks gorgeous, as bees mentioned what cuc have you got and how many, i cant imagine what else could be the problem with your tank looing at the overall set up, may be a case of not enough cuc critters, good job though wish mine was like that


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Thanks for the comments. My tank has been running for 4 months now so taking it slow. I hope the coraline spreads to the other rocks, I have a bottle of purple up arriving any day that might do the trick. Unfortunately I barely have any cuc. I'm in new zealand and nearly everything is on the biosecurity ban list. I have a bristle worm, tons of tiny snails, a few tiny starfish and about 5 snails that appear to be ones that will grow big but might be a year at the current rate. I almost scored a few hair algae munching sea hares the other day but the deal fell through :( It's next to impossible getting a cuc here which is a huge bummer..