Hair Algae on Zoas


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Have a few zoas that are growing some hair algae. It is not a tank wide problem, it is only growing on a few plugs. Params seem to be fine with zero nitrates and phosphates. Calc is a bit high at 520 and alk is a little low at 7. CUC consists of astrea snails, peps, and some turbos - no crabs. Any suggestions to rid the hair without harming the zoas? Thanks


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use a pair of tweezers and pull it off manually. that is the best way IMO unless you have some tangs or crabs to help eat it away. but even crabs usually wont touch the stuff if there is another source for food in the tank that they like more.

i have heard of people putting the frags into a section of the tank that gets no light to help remove the algea but to be honest with you it is there for a reason. you have a problem that you need to fix in order to completely get rid of it.


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I've had frags that have grown hair algae as well. If it's something that you have a hard time controlling you could remount the frag on a clean,cured frag disc or plug. I've done this a few times, and it seems to work pretty well.


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are they new introd frags or have you had them for a while. if they are ones that you have had for a while then there is a problem houston. it will start showing up in other places. get it taken care when its in its early stage