hair algae remover reccommendation


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Hi all

We're having a problem with hair algae at the moment. The skimmer is working to the max and we do 50 litre water changes by vacing the gravel every fortnight. The media on the rowaphos reactor has only recently been changed, but no improvement.

The tank is reading 0 on nitrates, phospates etc, but I guess this could be becuase the algae is using it up.

We have a good 'cleaning crew' of 6 turbo snails, 2 blue knuckle hermits, 2 blue dwarf, 2 red scarley and 2 tiger. We also have a red bali star, a couple of tiny sand sifting stars and 2 large brittle stars (the 'green death' brittle star is 2 ft long!).

We cant really feed any less than we are now, and cannot afford a calcium reactor or larger skimmer just yet.

So does anyone know of any great treatments which are ok with both soft/hard corals and fish, or have any tips? It is growing over some of our zoanthids and tubiporas and we dont want to loose them!

Thanks for all your help and suggestions, we really appreciate it!

sarah and simon