Hair Algae


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I have recently upgraded from a 120g to a 180g. There was existing hair algae exposed from the LR. It was under control in the 120 and now it seems to be reappearing after the upgrade. My tank is mainly SPS which are all colored up and have their polyps extended. I don't overfeed and have new filters in the RODI. My phosphate levels are none existent and I do realize this is due to the hair algae absorbing them and basically giving a false reading.

I guess my question is who is using a reactor and what would be the recommendations? I have a good skimmer ATB Elegance Pro which pulls skimmate like a champ. Im up on my water changes and don't over feed.


I'm using a phosban 550 with NPX pellets from BRS on my 180. Upgraded from a 144 to 180 and the same thing happened to me but my sps lost color too. Also got a few chitons and they did some serious work on the turf algae I couldn't remove by hand. Within 2 days algae decreased by 75%, the water is clearer, and hopefully soon the sps will color back up. My friend swears by the stuff so I tried it and it seems to work for me.