hair on my radioactive zoas!


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Be careful with picking off the hair algae, any bit of it slip out of your fingers or tweeze and land on other piece of rock will quick grow spread out. I removed the algae on my zoas frags out side the tank.
Good luck


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It is okay if you use your bare hands as long as you don't have any open sores or cuts. Just be sure to wash your hands realy good and don't touch your eyes, mouth or nose when you have zoa "juice" on them. That is what can make you sick.

I advise gloves and goggles/glasses when working/fragging them. The can squirt. has a fragging article on this with step by step and photos too. It is very good. If it hadn't been for this, I may not have felt comfortable/if I even did it at all fragging zoas.
Check it out!


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I let my scarlet hermits and foxface chew up all the HA. I've done that to numerous frags that I've recieved from previous reefers via trade... next day or 2 all HA is gone.


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A canister filter would be best for this, but try this...

Attach a length of 1/2" or so hose to a pair of tweezers or your arm and get someone to start a siphon down to your sump and place a fine filter sock on that end. Your end should be close to wherever your ripping off the HA and letting the hose suck it in. You'll probably want to reduce the flow in your tank and make sure you have a good amount of suction. Just remember to not let your sump overflow. :)


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i used a soft tooth brush to remove it from my zoas..i put them in a bowl of tank water so i could see the algae, scrub ever so gently under the water..discard the bowl of water when done..then i give them a little dip to shake off any loose algae..