Hair spray, free breeze etc...... What to do


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My wife and daughter use hairspray in the morning and my tanks open top I always get crazy with this and other things house hold cleaners .whatever I worry it will get into my water somehow and hurt my corals and fish ... I do run carbon religiously .... Anyone else delt with this or had issues ?


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Set some candles around the tank. They'll only use hair spray in there one more time after that.


There is no substitute. 'bout asking them to use the bathroom with the door closed to put on the hairspray? That should solve the problem.

Randy Holmes-Farley

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I'm not sure what the effect will be (except to possibly kill the skimmer for a while), but I'd try to limit it somehow. GAC might be useful in removing it.

Luckily, neither my wife nor two teenage daughters are interested in hair spray. :D


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I have seen a customer destroy a tank in 30 min with Febreeze. They sprayed the dog bed next to their air handler's pickup. The chems got dispersed quickly (and diluted) via the air ducts and every fish was dead within half an hour. The corals stressed but survived.


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Thanks I'm not trying to sound funny or anything I've always wondered or worried what household chemicals can really hurt are tanks bad without knowing ... I remember a friend telling me his neighbor had a chem lawn sprayed and he had his window open it nuked his tank in hours ... Those stories get my worried