half black angel


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does anyone know of some kind of chart that tells what fish are compatible with other fish? I am trying to find out if a powder blue tang is compatible with a half black angel. Thanks
if the tank is big enough, YUP

tangs and dwarf angels will get along fine... now wheres that one guy with the funny face when you need a semi-ok table that I don't like.

but yes, tangs and angels will get along-I'd only worry if you were trying to get the same colors, ie: a lemonpeel angel and a yellow tang.
I had a halfblack, he was an absolute beast - the fattest, meanest dwarf angel I've ever seen! I ended up returning him to the LFS after a month or so because he was eating me out of house and home, chasing his tankmates and chewing on the corals. They can reach 6" and pack a lot of attitude, so I'd say a healthy halfblack will have no trouble living with a tang.