Halide Lighting - Is this deal too good to be true


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I came across these last night. Does anyone know if these units are any good. Is this unit chincy or what? It seems like the price is too good be true. I know most of the time you get what you pay for but I don't know much about MH lights. I need new lights but can't spend a ton of cash. Suggestions please.

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Aquatraders has a bad rep in the past but it seems there getting better. From what I have read you will want to get new bulbs for it right away then it will be a good fixture. There is a thread on here I think its called odysse the new electronic version, look for it and you will get some good info.


Do a search on Aquatraders. Most feel that these are a fire hazard and some have had them catch fire. They aren't well built, the bulbs are poor at best, and the ballast and wiring are a nightmare, the cords are so thin they heat up, burn through and sometimes catch on fire.


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thanks for the comments guys. for the price of this unit would it be worth it to just re-wire the ballasts and cords. that would still be much cheaper than many other options. I checked out the link above...someone claims they are the same as coralife. I've heard good things about them. can anyone verify that this is true.

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I had the Odyssea 4x65W PC lighting fixture (bought Sept. 2006). I liked it, and have nothing bad to say about it. I eventually sold it and upgraded to MH.

Aquatraders has a horrible reputation here on RC. I'd be interested in seeing how many negative posts are from people that have bought and used their equipment, and how many negative posts are from people repeating comments that they've read.


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based on the threads the only thing i can see wrong w/ this purchase is the bulbs may need replacing, the customer service isnt great and the warranty is only 30dys. the unit lights the bulbs succesfully is at a great price and doesnt burn ur house down, i think its a great deal.


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The bulb is fine. It's the MH ballast you need to replace. I believe you can ask for a credit and they will deduct it from the cost. Read the long Odyssea thread and form your own opinion. You'll see the positive and negatives from people who have actually owned the fixture.