halide question


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I am starting to get an excessive amount of diatom growth. Is that a pretty good indicator it is time to change my bulbs up?

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Some say yes, some say no. I say excess nutrients in your water would be the first place to look. ;)

If the bulbs are older, say a year, then you may want to replace them as their output is less than what it orginally was. ;)


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Diatoms grow because of silicates in the water. Make sure you use water that has been run through a DI and I would use a phosphate remover...I use phosgard constantly. You are still going to get diatoms, but it won't be as rampant. Silicates can be added to your tank through your food, additives, etc. The best to remove them is to just scrape them off.


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interesting comment. i've been using RO without the DI for years dont have any issues. i tend to agree with blownchevy.