Hamilton, Phoenix, or Ushio 14k?


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It is time to replace the bulbs, I like the look of the 14ks on my tank and am considering getting the Hamilton, Phoenix, or Ushio double ended MH bulbs. I run 250watt bulbs on magnetic ballasts. I currently have the phoenix's and enjoyed them, but was wondering if anyone had any thoughts as to the other 2?


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I used to run Ushios 14 k but they were too yellow for my taste... i now rin pheonix 14K .. much better imo.. light crisp blue...


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I love my phoenix's better than the hamiltons, I have seen the ushios' they are pretty much a 10K I think, not much blue at all. The hamiltons burned out early for me, less than 5 months for 2 bulbs. The phoenix's have had 0 problems, I plan to re-order the phoenix 14K .