hamilton tech has 175mh is it enough

timi hendrix

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im gonna have a tank that is 20inches tall and 40 inches long.if i bought this fixture would i be able to keep acros,clams and caps.it has 1 175mh lamp and 2 96watt flor.what do ya think.thanks


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imo the depth isnt too bad, but the width might be a problem for only one bulb. Just today I upgraded my light system to 3x 250's. I have a 48" 2x 150w's system I dont know what to do with. My pm service is turned on.


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I think purge was talking about the 40" length. A single MH bulb will likely result in insufficient light at the ends of the tank. I have 3 for a 72" length, so its 24" for each MH bulb. Even your 96W CF won't reach a 20" depth, HO T5's will have a better chance.