hammer coral stress after death of fiji leather


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My hammer coral has been doing great for six months now, putting out new heads and opening fully.
A little over a week ago i got a fiji yellow leather that died in my tank within 24 hours of owning it.
It was pretty foul smelling. my healthy corals kinda shrunk when the fiji died.
after i removed the fiji i did a partial water change, everything perked up acccept my hammer. its open but only half way, not like it used to be :(
so today i added carbon in hopes that will help it.
its showing no signs of jelly or any oozing at all, just not big and fluffy like it was.
do you think the carbon will help? or is my poor hammer on the road to doom all because of this one fiji leather :confused:


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water change and carbon. It's almost a given this would happen: fiji leathers are bad about it.
You are safer to run all lps, lps/sps, or all softies, just as an FYI and an imho. A mixed tank will work, but it's harder, because one annoyed leather spits into the water and they all go off, and the only defense the others have is their stinging tentacles.