Hammer fell in sand….seems sad…


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One morning I found the glue that was securing one of my hammers had broken free and it was lying face down in the sand. I shook it off, gently used a baster to get all the sand out and re-stuck it.

It just hasn't come back the same nice plump full extension that it was. Its not receding just next extending as much as it did. It's been a couple weeks now. Any thoughts or suggestions? Is there a dip I should try? Some other kind of rehab? Everything else in the tank is thriving. Do I just give it more time?


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Persoanlly I would just give it time, it can take weeks to months for corals to recover from stress events but dipping it isn't going to hurt it.


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Hammer can die back all the way into the skeleton and then resurface given good water conditions and light. Be patient. It can take a few months.