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Just picked up my 240 today and was wondering what type of overflow I should go with? Ideally, I would've liked a drilled tank, but for $250 with tank, stand,canopy...I couldnt resist :lol2: I'm not sure if the glass is tempered or not to have it drilled, and have no way to find out being there is no markings of a brand on it....

I was thinking about just going with a U-Tube style because I want the tank to sit as close to the wall as possible but maybe there's a better option out there I don't know about. ANYTHING but the CPR version I have on my 72gal LOL I HATE that thing!


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It is highly unlikely that any panel but the bottom is tempered. I would drill it. If you want to use a HOB, get a Lifereef. Yeah, CPRs are terrible.


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Just curious as to why people dislike CPR overflows. I've had one on my 75g for over a year and I think it's great....it's never failed on me.


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FWIW....at one time we had several large tanks. I found an awesome deal on a 140 cube...had it drilled and cycling...about a week before we were ready to start adding livestock, whammo...it spiderwebbed out from the drilling and caused over $30k in water damages to our home, plus we were living on floors and tons of hassles, etc for around 6 weeks before things got back to normal.
Needless to say we tore down all of our tanks except for a 75 with external HOB dual overflow. We sorta have let "just do its thing" for about 5 years now. knock on wood, never had a flooding issue with the hob. it is a cheap regualr old style. I start suction in both tubes, but one is always only ever half siphoned...so if one would ever clog (never has) the other would likely begin siphon.
Now we're wanting a little larger tank again...it will be internal overflow drilled acrylic from a factory.

Good luck!