Hanging metal halide?


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I have a Sunpod HQI 250w 20" fixture which is currently the length of my aquarium however I plan on upgrading my aquarium to at least 24" length but I would rather go 30" and get at least 30 gallons. So my question is: Will this light be sufficient to light a 24-30" aquarium if hung over top of it? Also how high would I end up hanging it?



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I use 2 -250W MH over my 4 foot, 75 gallon tank. A typical 30 Gallon should be fine with 250 watts. What is important is the depth of your tank and what kind of coral you plan to keep. Though 250W in a 24" tall tank sounds like enough to keep SPS corals. I believe you might want to mount it about 10 inches above your tank, any closer and you might get a little too much heat, of course with no canopy you have a better chance of keeping the water temp down where it should be.

Here is an example for you, I have a 12" deep 30 gallon breeder tank, and I keep SPS frags in it, I'm using a 150W mh. at about 8 inches above the tank. Everything is growing quite nicely.

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