Hanna HI98319 Salinity tester


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Anyone here use Hanna digital salinity tester?
Is very weird in testing. Everytime give diferent result, actualy give diferent result in various part of tank.
Few example.
When I calibrating him with his original 35 ppt solution after calibrating/few second later / i put him back in solution and he read 34.5 .... 34,1 ... every time diferent, it should be 35 ppt, it calibrating solution ... result must be always 35 ppt??

Aquarium testing, I find when i test in the morning, imideatly after i start him results are usualy worthelss ... it always measure very high ... for example if aquarium have 36.7 ppt hanna results are 38 or similar... so test imideatly after i put him on is usualy worthless.

Then i made 2 round of test, put aquarium water in glass and test , results are again weird, for example one aquarium in first testing have 36,9 ppt and 5 minutes latter in second testing 37,6 ... that same aquarium yesterday have 36,5/36,2 ppt ad latter i top of aquarium with fresh water so salinity should be evev lower ... I also test with hanna inside the aquarium , close the pump, far away from pump, in back filter ... literaly almost every time resultrs are diferent, usualy in small parts like 36,2-36,5 but sometimes are big like 36,9 - 37,6 ...

Results are more or less always like that, not just today but last 10 days or more and i use few hanna salnity tester and they are almost always weird with results, consistency is 0

I try to get 35 ppt salinity, add almost 60-70 liters last 3 days in 4 aqariums totaly capacity aprox 250 gallons /1000 liters and resultrs do not have sense... in aquarium when i add loots of fresh water next day salinity is higher then day before, i Know there is evaporation but it should not be so much and like i say there is no sense that i measure 36,9 ppt salinity and 10 minutes later 37,6 ...

btw hanna is calibrated twice yesterday...

my apologize for bad English language, do not post in English language for to long

Vinny Kreyling

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You are better off with a refractometer.
We try for exact numbers with testing but in reality our instruments are not built that way.
It would cost us a lot more to be that accurate, that's why Triton is around.
What you want is stability & a refractometer will do the job.
Calibrate with you 35ppt solution.


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Sometimes, these meters are sensitive to electrical interference. I wouldn't trust a measurement made in the tank without checking first. It sounds as if it's not calibrating properly, though, so maybe the meter is broken. I would contact Hanna or return the meter.