Happy 15th birthday and 400th post. :)


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I wonder how long do groupers live anyway..? LOL




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He's in a long 90. now He spent his first 9 years in a tall 50 breeder. I swear he could live in a 10 since all he does is lay around.
I have another smaller one from a LFS that is just like him, who is 2 in there also.
He was captured off of Ft Lauderdale in 1992. I inherited him when he was eight. His actual birthday is subject to some speculation. :)

Here is the smaller one eating dinner:



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I had a friend that had a gouper, and his just laid around all day also. It was cool when he fed him though.


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That is amazing! I want a grouper. Does he bother any corals or fish?

He doesn't bother corals at all, fish on the other hand. If it can fit in his mouth, they will disappear.

I had a pair of beau gregory damsels in with him. They started out so small he left them alone.
They got pretty big over about two years...and I thought maybe since they had been around so long he liked them or they were real smart.

One day I came home and found he <b>did</b> like them all right, for lunch.