Hard Coral Bleaching?


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I have areas on my hard corals that are going white. One of the m has a patch on one side but doesn't appear to be bleaching all over. Can this be prevented from happeneing further?

I have just recently had to introduce a KH / ph buffer to rasie the KH from 5dKH, and am also trying to get Magnesium from 1200 ppm to at least 1300 ppm.

All other parameters appear to be within the normal range.

Any help or advice would be gratefully received.


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Most SPS corals require pristine water quality. Any detectable nitrate, phosphate, ect... may stress it out. Do you have any pictures? It may be red bugs or Acro eating flatworms. Also, and this may be obvious, but SPS corals require intense lighting and high flow. You may want to try the SPS forum for more help.


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Sps corals need stability. Swings in temp or alk can cause the rtn/stn. Also, if a powerhead is directed at the coral itself it could blow the tissue off and as stated earlier it could also be flatworms or red bugs.