has anyone calibrated their orp probe?


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I got a ORP probe the other week and got 400 ORP calibration juice. when i go in to calibrate it, it is asking for quint4 & 7? what is that? I tought it would ask for 400 or let you tell it what you are putting it in.


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Only the procedure listed in the manual is supported for ORP probe calibration. Quinhydrone is a power that is added to pH 4.0 and pH 7.0 calibration solution to create the ORP calibration standards.
You can use the 400 mV calibration solution to check the accuracy of the current calibration (have the controller in the run display).



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can we get this quinhydrone?

guess it doesnt really matter, I did get the 400mv solution thinking I could calibrate it, obviously couldnt, but it read it as like 407, so close enough.