Has anyone had success breeding Scarlet Skunk Shrimp?


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I have an extra tank, and i thought it would be interesting to try to breed a pair of skunk shrimp I have.

Before, I go through the work of actually setting it up I wanted to gather information to determine if this idea is worth moving forward with.

I have not found much information on the internet about this, and I have not found any success stories.

If you can share your experiences or point me towards references that would be great!


Bri Guy

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Ya, breeding them is easy, like with peppermint shrimp, but raising the larvae is close to impossible.

baby peppermint

short video of baby peppermint, click on pic


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The hard part about skink cleaners is that their planktonic larval stage is something like 150 days. During this time they will need to be fed (live foods?) multiple times daily, and you can't run much filtration because they will get filtered out, so water changes every few days as well.