Have a twin spot wrasse, can I add a bird wrasse


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I have a 7" twin spot wrasse and a dozen yellow tail damsels. I want a male green bird wrasse. Would the wrasse that I have attack the bird wrasse? I am posting this in two places hoping to get a response. I had 5 fish , a 8" bird wrasse, a 6" blueface angel, a 4" goldflake angel, a 8" dogface puffer and the current 7" twinspot wrasse. I had them for about 2 years, then this summer both angelfish died of ich and so did the puffer. :mad: :( The bird wrasse and the twin wrasse remained until Nov after I got the damsels the bird wrasse died and I dont know why. The bird wrasse was my favorite fish. It definitely dominated the twin wrasse, and it was the larger fish. I've had the twin spot since it was an inch but it will get too large for the tank so I was going to remove it but my husband thinks thats mean since its the survivor. I want another blue wrasse and my husband wants another large angelfish. The tank is 125 gallons with xenia and dragons breath and does not have a sump. So can my current wrasse stay? Do you think it will play nice with a new bird wrasse?