have new lights....need acclimation advice


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I currently run 1x250W 12K reeflux and 2x96W super actinic...this isn't the best on a 36" tank that is becoming quickly sps dominated as the MH is only in the center. So i have bought the PFO fixture for 2x250W MH and 2x96W VHO...i am going back to the XM 10K as i didn't find the growth with the reeflux that I had hoped and I will just put up with the more yellow color for now. so my question is: what kind of acclimation is recommended for the increase in wattage as well as the increase in total par? Thanks for your help!


P.S. the tank is 20" deep and the majoritiy of the sps are at the top about 3-4 inches from the surface.


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The best thing to use is window screens material over the tank. You put a couple of layers on the tank and remove the layers one by one over a couple of weeks.