HD Video Mountain Sky 30g Reef Tank


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We were able to purchase an Olympus TG-Tracker 4k tough/underwater camcorder thanks to a donation earlier this year. I thought I would dunk it in one of our tanks and try it out today. The videos are pretty bad, but seems to work well. I can't roll up my sleeve on this damn sweater so I couldn't get better deep/slow/focused shots this time.
This tank has a bunch of donations from AVBlanchard (Anthony)

We are battling a significant GHA problem in this tank, I did manual removal and a large water change yesterday. Thinking about TechM treatment next.




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Nice videos! I'm working on a few, just cant seem to get correct....
don't think techM will work well on GHA. Works magic on bryosis


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Try vibrant, it will get the job done, watching it slowly kill off all algea in tank, bryopsis, cyano, Gha, macro