Headed to the Florida Keys in Nov 2015


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Hello All -

My wife and I are headed to The Keys this coming November, yeah I know, a ways out yet. We've gone the past 4 years in a row during the Fall time frame and always dive. When we started going we utilized a "big name" dive business and have consistently sought out smaller and more personalized providers ever since.

We will likely be staying in Islamorada, but willing to drive to Key Largo, Tavernier, or even south if anyone has some great info and advice on where and who to dive with. Obviously Key West is too far, besides, that's just for playing on Duval St. anyway. :beer:

So, if anyone has some insider tips, helpful advice, or otherwise, I would greatly appreciate it!!




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Not sure about reefs higher up in the keys but I used to live in KW for two years any have been to a great deal of good sites including reefs and wrecks.


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Thanks, been there many times and love it. My favorite is the Jalepeno Encrusted Hog Fish.

Got any dive related advice? Looking for info on operators and awesome locations off of the beaten path.

Thanks again!


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Thank you for the reply. I don't have my dive log handy, but here are some I can recall from memory. We have primarily dove out of Key Largo with a few spots off of Tavernier and Islamorada.

Molasses Reef
French Reef
Christ of the Abyss
Snapper Ledge
Benwood (Wreck)
Eagle (Wreck)
Hen & Chickens
The Doughnut Hole

Thanks again!



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Well you pretty much hit most the spots we have up here.
I'll name a few extras.

Elbow Reef (North Key Largo)
North Dry Rocks (North Key Largo)
Carysfort Lighthouse (North Key Largo)
USS Spiegel Grove (Wreck)
Duane (Wreck)
Bibb (Wreck)
The Duane and the Bibb are next to each other so normally just say Duane and Bibb.
Alligator Reef (Islamorada)

I'm in key largo so can't tell you too much about Islamorada. But you went already to the most important spots. Pretty much North Key Largo to Ocean Reef is more secluded with less boat traffic/people and in my experience there is more fish compared to other areas (excluding protected reefs).