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I am in the construction phase of my new 180g reef and just had a really bad experience with my new won bros 1000w heater. can someone please reconmend a reliable heater!!!


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I bought the WON 350 watt. It did not last the season, it would not cycle off. Also the nice temp. reading is attached to the plug so unless you have a line of site of the plug you will not be able to see it. PS my Eheim will not cycle off get the Ranco controller.


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Just ordered a Jäger TS Automatic Heaters 250 watt & Ranco Temperature Controllers Single Stage.

did you get 2 heaters? it's always good to have 2, incase one fails. You'll be happy you got the ranco;)


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You need a controller for those heaters. Any good heater will do but they don't control temp worth ad ****. A Ranco temp controller will be needed.