Heater Placement Question 90gal


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We have had our 90 gallon tank set-up for over 16 years and for the 1st 12-13 years we haven't had any issues with our heater, but over the 3-4 years I haven't been able to get 6 months out of them. The original set-up had the heater in our CPR Sump, and you would just adjust the heater to achieve the desired temp in the tank. The 1st two heaters I bought were the typical titanium tubes and looked similar to the original but neither of them lasted.
The last unit I bought was hygger 500W, where i would have the temp probe in the tank and the heater unit in the sump, and I remember reading in the review that someone had it set-up just like I planned, but now I'm wondering if the set-up is causing the issue with the rapid failures? Thank you in advance for any advise.
Hmm I can’t say the placement sounds off. I have mine in my sump in the chamber next to my temp probe. What brand heater are you using? I use cheap heaters (currently) but I’ve heard good things about Finnex and Bulk Reef Supply titanium heaters.
I have a 42 gallon hex tank and I use 2 50 watt heater that you can get at Petsmart. So they are nothing special. I set the thermostat on the heaters around 3 degrees higher than my controller and use the controller to control them. They are both in the the sump along with the temp sensor for the controller. There are set to 76 degrees but they are not on much except from October to April. The other months they are never on. I have had one with an open element in the 7 years of use. I now have power monitoring on each so if the power consumption get out of range then I will get an alert.
My three Hyggers work great for me. All are in the sump next to the return pump with the temp probe in the next chamber upstream. Had them for a few years now. When I replace them, I'm going to try the IM Helio PTC Heater.
I have a 90gal also but mine is odd 36"l x 24"w x 24"d I have just installed new heaters about 3 weeks ago, Bulk Reef double element 1200 system 2-600 titanium elements with Ink Bird controller. It is the best, most consistent, precise heat system that I ever had maintaining temp of 78.8 never varying of 1 degree. It may go south tonight but until then I whole heartedly recommend the Bulk Reef Heaters. BTW I previously have had all my heaters glass and titanium in the 30gal sump and probes in the tank, the new system is in the tank, elements and probes, not so pretty with them in the tank but a sacrifice I'm willing to make for consistent water temperature. Sure the 1200 is overkill but they are never on very long at the time and infrequently.